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Georgia visit (January)

* Suwanee
* Atlanta

Lost Glory School of Music & Ministry (February - June)

1. Full-time residential student (4 months)

* South Carolina:
o Fort Mill

* North Carolina:
o Taylorsville
o Moravian Falls
o Statesville

The Cause (June - August)

1. Full-time residential internship (30 days)

2. God's Summer of Love Tour (35 days):

* South Carolina
* Nashville

3. Provision International (over my birthday [19/06 and independence day)

* Outreach in the ghetto
* Outreach in downtown Nashville

4. Repentance Walk & "The Call" (07/07/07)

* Kansas City

* Kansas

* Texas
o Dallas
o Albuquerque

* Arizona
o Sedona
o Phoenix

* California
o Sonoma
o Monterey
o Encinitas
o Santa Monica
o Pacifica

Final visit to Georgia (end August)

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People in the pages

The names and faces of people mentioned in my blog

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Justin was my room mate for the 4 months I was with Lost Glory Music & Ministry School. We've stayed in touch but still haven't managed to see each other since then!


Carol was a very good friend to me on the school and brought a lot of unity between the guy's and the girl's cabin.


One of the girls in the girls' cabin on the school. Her and Carol were best friends.


Graham was the primary teacher on the school.


Nathan assisted Graham with some teaching and was mainly responsible for managing the bands.


This guy was with the Cause. He was a lot of fun and a good friend to myself and Justin.


Adam is a true brother. He was also with the Cause during the school but would come and hang out with us from time to time. He's a radical follower of Christ and we still stay in touch.


Like Shawn, was a lot of fun to hang out with.


A really great guy I met when I was staying with the duPlooy family in Atlanta.

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Chaos in the Cabin

sunny 0 °C

The beginning of the week went according to plan. There were the high noon meetings at 12 followed by our prayer set and rumble all in quick succession. So I was in that room from 12pm until 10pm. That's about as routine as things got, and then came mid-week crisis, although it was actually a Godsave in disguise. He prompted me to check my VISA to see when the expiry date was on the small white form that was stamped at customs. I assumed that the date would be within June, but after I'd completed all the renewals paperwork, I realised that I'd bought myself another month due to my lack of observation. It was actually valid until July 28th.

I also then realised that I would have to book my new flight directly after I'd mailed off the VISA documents. Then there was reactivating my mobile phone, checking the lugguage situation for the tour, submitting my application form for the Summer of Love tour and another hiccup when I realised that the flight I would go on to book required the passenger to possess a valid student / youth travel card. I managed to get all of the tasks done except the application for the travel card. Fortunately I have been able to monitor the VISA renewal process and apply for this card here in Nashville because the building has free wireless internet.

We were joined by three guys: Austin, Dan and Josh in the middle of the week - they seemed to be seasoned intercessors that had been with the Cause for a while. Yesterday I got to know the guys a lot better in an episode involving a wooden duck, which can be viewed here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ky0eIWdjruU

Over the weekend I had to somehow juggle a thorough cabin cleanup with the other important things I still needed to do (including the flight booking itself and going to the Church service). Before the weekend really hit us, me, Sean and Steve decided to go out - we thought it'd be the last time we'd get to go out before Nashville. We actually nearly double booked ourselves to play disc golf with a couple of guys we'd managed to evangelise to at the bar we went to called 'The Graduate' (seems fitting). That in itself was an unforgettable experience. Steve headed straight to the bar, while me and Sean racked up for a couple of games of pool. There was no sign of Steve for about half and hour... until he brought over two guys that he'd been talking to at the bar. It soon turned into an evening of ministry! We stayed and talked with these guys until about 3am and then hit Waffle House directly afterwards. What an experience that was. All the stories about that place turned out to be entirely true. The staff were very "interesting" individuals, especially our waiter / waitress Andrae. Ryan asked him whether he'd found a good place to do his nails locally. I was trying not to pay attention or make any eye contact, but even Steve in his state of toxic bewilderment symbolled to me that we needed to pray for him. He was right.

The rest of the weekend involved packing and not getting very much sleep. When it came to loading up the trailers, I had a similar prompting that came out of a conversation with Adam (which I don't think was in any way related: it just triggered off the question that I would ask Chuck - the guy in charge) so I dropped the conversation and went over to Chuck to ask him when the actual date was that we'd be arriving back in Fort Mill. He said we'd be back around a week and a half to two week after San Francisco (our final destination on the tour before returning back to base). That was definitely a last-minute saving grace. I went over to the old UPS truck and got my barrel case out of storage and into the bag pile!

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The graduation itself drew out the best in everyone and for once I really felt connected to those I'd been with for the past four months of my life.

The significant part of the evening was at the very end when we were handed our certificates and had a brief moment with the pastors on the school as they affirmed and prayed us out. I physically felt a transition from Lost Glory to glory itself. A feeling of going from new to new as I continue my adventure: gradually feeling less and less comfortable, but in doing so, feeling that much more connected with God. It's a time for new beginnings and re-evaluation.

There was a weight on me before the evening even got underway, to make decisions as to what my next steps would be here in the States. In actual fact, I wasn't at all anxious about performing on the night because my mind was so preoccupied with this other issue. I knew that in my heart I was determined to go on the Summer of Love tour and I knew it would be a major opportunity not to be missed: not only due to the quality of the company I would be with, but the fact I'd be seeing fresh parts of the country and make my trip the most worthwhile. After all, I am currently a "tourist" (according to my VISA).

It must have been God because I had got to the point of indecision and double-mindedness. I was still awaiting Justin's word to see if his mom would allow me to stay at his house for a few days, then there were the other two routes I could take: one, go to Chicago to stay with the Stephens family or, two, stick with the original plan and go back to Atlanta to stay with the DuPlooys (the family I'd stayed with for the first two weeks here in the States). Then, of course, in the back of my mind I knew I could possibly just stay at the Heritage campus - either in my existing cabin, or find a bunk in the guy's cabin. So, what happened is, we'd been awarded and applauded and then we were left to disperse at our own accord. Just as I was about to do so, Nathan approached me and said that he's spoken to his mom about the possibility of me having a place to stay at the guys' cabin and she had said there was a bunkbed available! I was taken aback that I'd just had a solution given to me on a silver plate. I was used to all the grief in organising all of the fine detail and had a huge sigh of relief because I knew this was an immediate offer.

After the good news, a few of us gathered to discuss where we should go for our final evening out as a group and we ended up at Carmeillas Pizza. It was an alright evening, a bit strange - I didn't feel so grieved as a lot of the others seemed to be.

And that was it! There were a few hugs and a few goodbyes but we knew that it would only be until the following morning that we'd have to say the final goodbyes. I actually saw Carol on Sunday and Robbie two or three Sundays later. As for the Clohans, (a family I've had to learn to love and make time for) they had showed up at Graham and Pat's old cabin with nothing other than a removals van and had made a botanical garden on the front porch. Apparently it was a temporary stay before they would move into their new home in Regent Park (Fort Mill).

My mind was now focused and eagerly anticipating what my time with the Cause would consist of - I obviously had The Call and the Summer of Love tour to look forward to, but there were some unknowns, such as: would I be participating in The Cause's schedule or just living in the cabin? Time would tell.

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“Mr Producer”

sunny 22 °C

I felt right at home from the word ‘go’ and we got stuck in straight away with laying down a scratch track followed by a couple of full band takes for our first song “Facing the Giants”. We were happiest with the third and fourth takes and when it came to the choice between which one we wanted to work with we chose three.

My drum part was done using a nice Mapex kit but I was having problems with the kick. It took me quite a while to actually set up the kit the way I liked it but it was so different to the kit I was used to playing back at the cabin. So, despite the one or two inconsistencies I noticed in with some of the rimshots and kicks, once the other tracks had been laid on top and everything was blended together, most of the mistakes were unnoticeable – phew!

The thing that made the day so enjoyable was not just the music – it was the attitudes of everyone in my band. Everyone was having a good time and there was a pleasant atmosphere as a result. Yesterday I got to sit in the ‘Producer’s chair’ (which felt similar to Dad’s chair at home, funnily enough!) I was amazed at how much I picked up just being in a studio environment and because I was given the opportunity to experiment with some of the sound equipment.

I think some of the most fun I had the whole week was playing the bassline for one of Band B’s songs “Amos 9:11” two days later. I was 90% happy with the way the track sounded (not that it made a difference this time as it wasn’t my band so I wasn’t producer – although I was asked for a 2nd opinion now and then).

I was relieved when I came home after the final day in the studio not only because of the concentration and demands from the band and Tony (the Engineer – who was actually really helpful wherever he could be) but also the fact that I’d had to get up at 7 three mornings in a row and had 12 hour days. It was great to have a couple of ‘days off” in-between the Lost Glory recordings, mastering and then Carolina’s song (at the same studio) on the Saturday. Naomi succinctly told me in the minibus on the way home that I’d been in four (soon to be five) recordings this week, so that’s all of the songs, and produced three of the five! That made me feel kinda good!

It was difficult to have any real idea of how the tracks would sound to an outsider who just walked in and heard the overall sound, as I’d often be sat there re-listening to the same track several times in the mix down. All I know is that Dave Markee gave a thumbs up to “Facing the Giants” – that was the only track he had time to listen to. So, I’m pretty adamant that our track passed quality control! The leaders mentioned to us that our songs we’d recorded were the best yet, i.e. the school had never produced such a good result where all of the songs on the album were to the standard that we achieved.


…Finishing off

Yesterday (22/05) we had a great day at Tony’s home in rural Statesville. He invited all the musicians over for a celebratory / farewell barbeque. It was also Justin’s 25th birthday so that was a good cause for celebration too. Justin & I had a load of fun ripping it up on Tony’s big quad. We put it through its paces through the woods and down the road. Tony warned us a little later that his neighbour just opposite was a bit of a crazy and gets easily upset when people drive too fast on his small section of driveway. Jason was telling us that before he put his foot down to get away from this guy after he’d upset him and kicked up a load of dust behind him as a precautionary measure.

I spent quite a bit of time acquainting myself with two additional members of the family – a pair of cockatiels! They were so similar to Napoleon and Peach in their character and general behaviour.

We were taken by surprise when Tony showed up with a blank CD-R and we all knew we’d be able to hear the end product of our hard work – all four songs. Me, Caro & Naomi were the only exceptions, we’d be listening to an additional track (“Beautiful Friend”) which we’d sat down to work on for the most part of the evening. After the mix down we finally got finished up at around 11 and were back at base around midnight, so we’d managed to miss dinner altogether and we were all pretty shattered. We listened to the rough mix down track on the way back home and we were very pleased with it.

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