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One of the first things I learned about Justin was his reputation with the local police authority "Crime Prevention". We often used to joke about his one experience (which he's even documented in a song entitled: "Don't Drink Liquor and Hang out with Crazy Whores") so I knew a little bit about Crime Prevention and their presence in the area - not to mention the fact they've taken my name twice now for nothing in particular.

Thursday night Justin decided to set up his laptop outside our cabin in the construction yard and he'd connected several power cables and extensions together so that he and I could power our laptops from the cabin! He had opened a couple of cans during the time I was with him out there but he really knows how to handle his alcohol - I can seldom tell whether he's drunk or intoxicated in some way because he is probably so used to it that it's like second-nature. Anyway, he had had enough to drink to admit he was drunk, so that means no less than 20 cans.

A little earlier we'd seen a white patrol car drive past down the road towards the lake so we kept on the lookout for him and any other CP vehicles to follow. It came as no surprise when the same car turned in to the construction zone, so we casually walked away before he approached. It's possible that he could have tipped off other patrolling units out of suspicion that we were up to something. So, we resumed listening to music and chatted away when Jackson's black jetta comes out of nowhere and pulls up alongside us - obviously we thought CP had sent someone out and we'd been caught off guard! After realising it was Jackson, we shouted and laughed with him that he'd successfully scared us silly and he joined us for around an hour before he headed off home. Somehow the girls caught on to what was going on so they joined us for a while when Jackson was still around and Justin made a fool out of himself in the form of dancing and raising his voice. So, once they left at around 11 it was just him and I once again. I guess we psychologically wrote off the possibility of CP coming back as they hadn't showed up the whole time we were with the others.

Looking back on what happened, I knew that it was God's will that in the end I was with Justin when CP did turn up, Earlier on, I'd wanted to go back to the cabin and practice music or work on a song but for some reason carried on hanging out with Justin. We were caught completely unawares but I guess I'd seen the black pickup early enough for us to walk away. We both heard him say "would you come over here please" but we didn't look at him or respond, we just walked a couple of metres into 'private property' - maybe we felt like it was the Mexico border or something. After about half an hour of panic and shock I walked back to our former spot and saw two figures talking. I thought the worst when I saw Nathan walk around the side of the cabin to check up on us - I had a nasty hunch that there was a guy that had stayed behind on foot who'd instantly arrest anyone who reappeared. Just as Nathan had walked around I tried shouting to tell him that CP might still be around there (from Graham's cabin) but he never heard me.

I decided that the best thing to do would be to inform Graham (school pastor) about what had happened. I remember walking into their cabin to find all the leaders talking and laughing with Rabbi Michael and his wife Amanda so I felt awkward to pull Graham aside and say simply: "Um, something's happened... Crime Prevention" Ge got the message and walked over. In no longer than 5 minutes he was back and said "it's all OK". I knew that it must have been Justin and Nathan I'd seen standing together. Relief soon turned to dismay when I discovered that our laptops had been confiscated or stolen. Justin went ballistic and apparently started hacking things with a hatchet when I was in our cabin listen to my new CD collection and reading the word. I knew that I was being taught an invaluable lesson about in all of this, specifically 'guilty by association' and there was a very good reason why I'd gone through all the drama. I also knew I had to start taking responsibility for myself and stay clear of other people's mess.

Nathan and Graham had a chat outside for 10 minutes or so and they had come to the agreement that it would be best to deal with the issue sooner rather than later (which was something I'd wanted to see happen and had communicated this to Nathan a few minutes earlier when we were having a conversation in the kitchen) so I knew it was the right thing to do. To my surprise, we were going to be accompanied by the Rabbi and his wife! We initially went and spoke to the young CP warden up at Morning Star and he phoned either another patrolling officer or the HQ (just down Regent Pkwy) - all we heard was that the laptops had been taken for security reasons and would be brought back but I think Amanda overheard something about a report needing to be completed. That's when I started to panic.

After we'd sat and chatted to the CP guy for around an hour (with no further information) we saw no other than the COUNTY POLICE show up on the scene! The Sheriff steps out of the car and is joined by the senior CP supervisor and they headed over to question me. The Sheriff asked pointed and tricky questions but I had serious favour and he just seemed to take my word before resorting to the breathaliser test. I just told the truth and hoped for the best! CP then returned BOTH laptops and the remainder of the beer (which we disposed of in the lake) and I walked back to my cabin with the laptops.

Justin was laying with one leg up on his chair and didn't really hear a word I said but he was pretty pleased in the morning! He was just about to head out the door before he'd had breakfast - I caught him and asked where he was going - his blunt response was "where do you think?" So I said, "No, really, where are you going?" (Even though I knew, he'd already threatened to go over the CP HQ just after the event happened when he was still smashed). I explained to him that I'd already told him once already that I'd got the laptops back etc. He looked a little confused and didn't go anywhere in the end.

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